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It's always an honor to serve Father and bring His will into the lives of others. We love our eternal family!


Here and now we are dedicated and committed to help the household of faith grow into His fullness and accomplish all that is expected of us without being touched by the enemy, trapped in any schemes or stuck in any lies. 


We ought to be the people that welcome the work of Holy Spirit with open arms, while wisely tuned in with our eyes and ears wide open, discerningly aware during every encounter, challenge or event.


The Lord loves us so much! The depth of His affection of seeing us growing in Him is unfathomable. 


In and with everything He has given us, with what we currently possess, He expects us to be consciously strengthened and wise in spirit, soul and mind. He expects us to continually walk in divine life which includes health, provision, spiritual mindedness and ability. 


What we teach and train everywhere we go is so sons and daughters can practically and proactivity walk in this marvelous inherited life and be constantly releasing it in the most effective ways.

We look forward to our next meeting.


Until then, we speak the name of Jesus over you and all His name carries, full of grace and peace, proclaiming over you and your family that of His fullness you have already received!

Be blessed,

Trainer_John & Marie.jpg

John & Marie Gonzper

Serving since 1990


Jake & Christina Sannicandro

Serving since 2005

Ron & Jessica Arevalo

Serving since 2002

Trainers - Gilbert & Juanita_edited.jpg

Gilbert & Juanita Gallegos

Serving since 2015

Trainers - Kevin _ Karen Dubree(1)_edited_edited.jpg

Kevin & Karen Dubree

Serving since 2002

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